Damien Rice - Fool

Conocida a través de Mi canción de hoy , otra canción más de Damien Rice. La música no es que me encante especialmente, pero la letra.... qué letra...

Damien Rice - Fool

If you leave me now
It's not that I can't take it, It's just that somehow,
I think you'd break it so much beyond repair
Like pulling out my hair, 
and poisoning the roots

A gun that never shoots again 
and if you leave me now, 
and take him deep within your throne, 
like you did when you were coming home, 
and you did again in Mexico, 
and again before you go, 
and I believed your lies, your lies, your lies. 

So turn and walk away. 
I've overspoken. Said all that I can say,
I know that I can kneel and I could cry. 
And I know that I could show you how I died, 
but what good would it do? 
Give the world another fool,  

If you're gonna stay, 
don't just say it. Stay, really stay. 
I don't want any more goodbyes, any more disguise.
 No more tossing coins or him between your loins. 
And if you're gonna stay, 
I'll place you high upon a hill 
and with my hands I'll build a tower in your name.
 And you will do the same. 
Won't you my love? Won't you my love? Won't you my love? 

Or just turn and walk away
I've overspoken, said all that I can say.
I know that I can kneel and kiss your feet, 
walk ahead and clear the street.
 So you don't have to meet but what good would it do.
 Give the world another fool. 

Turn and walk away. I've overspoken. 
Now what more can I say? 
I know that I can kneel and I can cry. 
I know, I know that I can show you how I died, 
now what good would it do. 
Give the world another fool, just sitting on this stool.

 I'm close to giving up on you.

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